23 July 2017


What' s this lurking in the bottom of my bag? Is it ketchup? hand cleaner?
A quick google told me it was sun tan lotion. I must have picked it up 

at a lovely day out at the Dargaville Field Day last March.

Jitney service to the show from the parking lot.

If you want several tons of farm fertilizer

 a $10.000 manure spreader or a milking machine

this was the place for you.

Look at those prices!

We managed to see some of the tractor pull.

 " and now, ladies and gentlemen, lets give a big hand to Cody from Tutukaka.This is Cody's first  competition and we wish him well"

Cody must have been all of 11 years old!

Loved it!


  1. The 'well child checks' board looks a bit out of place here - what's that all about then?

    1. seems a lot of farm workers ( not the land owners) here are quite 'needy'.This was a big day out for them.

  2. I love the 'thing' in the second-to-last picture - made me think of some giant insect from another planet.


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