14 June 2017

opening up

This is the latest we have opened up our summer island cabin.....ever.

Drowned, due to the rising lake levels and the enormous amount of rain.


Lots of work to be done.

But lots of signs of life too.

The sun still sets on one side of the island

as the full moon rises on the other side.

Its good to be back.


  1. We simply can't fight Mother Nature. So much has been lost with all the high water this year. Enjoy your summer cabin!

  2. A little photo came up at the end of your post under 'you might also like' of what I assume to be that same chair in 2013. All fresh and green it looks too. You'll have to get out the paint and the hammer and nails.

    1. Kinda hoping one of the kids might do it ( dream on)

  3. Replies
    1. we will.Its about a 2 hour journey- I usually go mid mid for a few days as I work weekends.

  4. We used to go through the same process of "opening camp" every year, before we moved here full time. It was always bittersweet, to see how things had changed, for better and worse, while we were gone. And yet it was always SO good to be back. Have a great summer!

    1. Yes,bittersweet, you have nailed it.


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