11 August 2016

what do you know?

That very bad, Tialys,.....her name is Lynn, could not  help herself.  She just had to buy scarf 1000 from my etsy shop.

I must say the front page looks good .  Do you think 1000 sales inspires confidence?
I daresay 1001 is going to look good too.

Lynn, a blog buddy, also has some on- line shops.

LaManche, her French antique shop , she has a bold 'eye'. 

Ouafouaf - where she makes doggie accessories. Its looking good Lynn and I see you have lots of sales.
Tialys, stocked with handmade goodness

Thanks Lynn,  does this also gives me permission to buy some new stock????

09 August 2016


Almost there....999 sales in foulardantastique, my etsy shop devoted to scarves,

This has not been easy given the FUBAR  that etsy has been having lately.

 But I  am hopeful that I will soon be able to post the big 1000.
Please look for un update any time soon,

01 August 2016

Market dayzzzz

Some images from my market stall, this season at the Brickworks, here in Toronto.

I certainly have enough room and the industrial scaffolding comes in very handy,

 The summer has been very hot- too hot - perhaps ,for the sale of antique quilts and vintage blankets.

.So, quite a slow season all in all.  Most vendors, including the farmers are struggling.

The crowd is changing and I am not sure why.

Perhaps things will pick up in  September, I sure hope so.

27 July 2016

on the line and over the rails

Over the rails,

on the rack,

and on the line.

Antique and vintage quilts for sale,every Saturday morning at the Brickworks Farmers Market. 

21 July 2016

Whats this?

This pretty.tied,  1930s comforter was going no where, so I decided to unpick it and try to sell the fabric.

A shame and a bit of a fiddle as it  was closely tied and neatly finished. I thought there might have been an old wool blanket inside,

but, whats this? A nice antique quilt, albeit in VERY cutter condition, with the edges in tatters.

Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns compiled by Barbara Brackman  ( my favorite  quilt historian )  # 1806a  ' Rolling Stone'

14 July 2016

Update on scarves!

Surely you didn't think I had given up on my scarf collections?
Some recent additions are

 A Liberty silk scarf with an unusual logo, looks like a royal warrant. I shall go to the Liberty Facebook page and see if I can get more information. Must have an organizing and count up day of this collection.

A very pretty Richard Allen ( goes in my Jacqmar box) with the added value of a  mourned Triminghams label.

Two new Hermes.' Qalamdan 'is in perfect condition and it will look good with my brown winter suit. Who the hell would throw it out??

A faintly stained 'Flottille' that I particularly like as it reminds me of a couple of other early Hermes in this group,

And, of course, quite a few more interesting pieces that are making their way into my etsy shop. 

26 June 2016

Strawberry moon

It must have been the strawberry moon that helped me get my mojo back

and mending quilts at the cabin this week. ( Thank you Lynn )

  A simple 1930s - 40s Hourglass or Worlds Fair with lots of country charm just needs a rebind.

Some scraps of linen from the same time period will do the trick, I hope.

Off the needles my usual 1940s baby Beehive pattern. 

I actually paid retail for the creme cotton and I hated it!  A wash, block and some vintage wood buttons sewn on when I get back to the city.

On the needles, same pattern,  with some yarn I picked up at a garage sale last weekend.

  I don't  much like working with this either, but, at least the price was right.

Both my daughters and DIL are avid readers so there is never a shortage of books to read.

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