14 November 2017

Bald Heads

Another grandparents day at a Toronto downtown primary school.

There was lots of waving, 

lots of picture taking,

and lots of bald heads.

Our guy is not very tall and we could hardly see him during the concert,

But that was fixed by a guided personnel tour of the grade 1 class room.

Always a pleasure.

08 November 2017

so long brickworks

Last week of the Saturday morning Brickworks Farmers Market - some move indoors for the winter.

This was my 10th year

and probably my last.

Quite frankly, it was the worst year I have ever had -  by far.

The crowd has changed.  Many, many more tourists , not in itself a bad thing, just they are not there to shop but to be entertained.

Toronto now is now saturated with markets, flea markets, pop ups, farmers markets, would be farmers markets, markets in office block lobbies, travelling markets and more.

Again, not  necessarily a bad thing, I love markets, just a helluva lot more competition.

 I love the social aspect and the customers. I enjoy making my own money. I like my little business and still  find it intriguing. 

And to add insult to injury, I fractured my ankle that last morning.

I will make up my mind on how to continue next spring

01 November 2017

October 31st !!!!

Its that time of year again,when I like to share our neighbourhood Halloween.

Lots of pictures this year, so bear with me.

Imaginative, homemade costumes too.

Many of these trick or treaters I have known since they were born....the parents also.  ( above).

 Hope you can see  that everyone has a good time. 

  Is this Harry Potter ?

Some can't wait to get into the treats!

Bigger kids come after 8 o'clock.

These two NYPD cops complained we took too long to open the door.

Too tired to make it up the steps.

Siamese twins......

See you next year 

13 October 2017

closing up

Time to close our summer cabin for the winter.

Its been a good,if short year.

The geese are already flying south.

The nights and early mornings are getting too cold,

even though we have plenty of firewood.

This tree was blown over in a storm, I think the squirrels were living inside the trunk.

See you next year

02 October 2017


My blogging mojo has disappeared for a while. Instagram has taken over I'm afraid.

But,  I have spent time at our summer cabin. Dawn photo here as I was woken up by the loons.

I have also found time to make a helluva lot of plum jam

 and have been kept busy with my Saturday morning market stall.

Mojo will return soon I hope.

05 September 2017

a quilt

A rather ordinary,heavy quilt that did not have much going for it but some interesting 1950s fabrics and a large tear. 

But what's this? Under the tear it appears there is another old  quilt. Is this a piece of 19th century indigo?

Alas, no. After many hours unpicking,  a depression era 'grandmothers garden' emerged.

It is in such bad shape that even I can not salvage anything, 

except some strips of fabric for re-binding and patching and a big mess on our deck. ( good thing I worked  outside)

It breaks my heart to throw it out, I wish I know an artist who would like to use it in a piece of work.

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