29 December 2016

missed it

I missed crowing about my 1111st sale at my etsy shop

Christmas took over.

and now I am at 1114 sales.

Promise that I will not blow my own horn again till

1234 ( a magical number dont you think? ) sales are reached ,

That may take quite a while.

I wish I knew how to have these scarves clickable !!


21 December 2016

from my house to yours

Somehow I have lost my blogging mojo of late, but I want to take the opportunity 

of wishing you all a safe, warm and happy holiday season.

14 December 2016

Do you think this counts?

Do you think 1234 sales counts as a 'magic number' ?


Beleive  I also mentioned 1111 sales, but that was last year and a girl has to motivate herself any way she can.


Fabriquefantastique was my original etsy shop, but these days its a bit of a slog, although I do have some smashing items for sale.


I will re-think my online selling when I come back from New Zealand next spring. 

Forgive the shameless self promotion.

06 December 2016

Why wait?

I had intended to post when I reached 1111 sales, but what the hell, I may as well boast now.

1100 sales
have been reached and I am delighted.

1111 may take a little while. Perhaps  I will start thinking about Christmas now.

30 November 2016

on the line November 2016

The washing line in the side drive always has something on it.
Either drying, airing or being assessed.

1930s applique is OK, just needs a rebind - a job for next summer.

1960s 60s crazy quilt with older -  1940s -50s cottons, I took off the back and batting the back as almost all the stitching , both quilting and  binding, had disintegrated. Must  have been a really cheap poly thread.


Lovely depression era 'fans' in the back of the van, waiting its turn. ( its in almost perfect nick)

  Made from vintage sheets circa 1960s - 70s, just needed a rinse.

Sold already!

' Umbrella' ??? applique, 1950s, needs a good soak , but other than that in good shape.
 Pity it's so ugly.  ( whoops, I'll never sell it with a remark like that)

25 November 2016

blanket label

Its been ages since I added a blanket label to my collection

Not much information to be had. Years ago I went to to Armley Mills, now Leeds Industrial Museum, perhaps my blanket was made there. I can't seem to find a link on their website where I can ask for information.
No shortage of disused mills in the Leeds area  though, but somehow I dont think they would be able to help me.
I might try to contact this old mill. still in operation.

17 November 2016


 Its been a month or so since I managed to set up an account on Instagram or  'Instagran' as my kids call it. It's a learning curve.

I posted a photo of my WIP ( sorting the mini warehouse ) and , again on the advice of my kids, instead of  using #Toronto, I  used  #the six   or  #the6,  a current nickname for this town. Well, I must have had every DJ, pop-up nightclub, strip-joint and more in town  ' like' this piccie.

Spanish riding school, Vienn

Later, I posted a photograph of a vintage souvenir scarf from my etsy shop ( I seem to have deleted the original)   of Atlantic City.  OH DEAR  -  every stripper  and more  in New Jersey liked that one . Some I had removed from the  Instagram site,  I know, I'm such an old killjoy
  Original photo deleted I'm afraid, but see it here and here

I can't say it is bringing any sales but it's lots of fun,  I follow all sorts of sites, like this one  https://www.instagram.com/a.tiara.a.day/?hl=en
and this one  https://www.instagram.com/liberty_dstudio/?hl=en

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